2k8 Year End Question: Is LaCinta’s Meme 2 Much Like Hipster Runoff’s Meme Yall !?

“I only read it 4 the articles/deep social commentary cuz I ‘get’ it.”

LaCinta is in a deep state of self reflection/looking in the blog mirror 4 the real blog me.

LaCinta has been made aware of private reports from blog readers like urself h8ing on LaCinta 4 being 2 much like HRO’s meme + dancing Spanish cactuses.

Yall need 2 confront me personally about this. I thought we were building a blog + reader trusting relationship where we tell each other if our pants look too tight/not tight enough.

Is LaCinta’s meme really a rip off of CRLS meme!? But maybe with a spanish twist!? LaCinta is sad that yall don’t trust my originality.


LaCinta entered the blogosphere at the young age of zero-blogyears, at which time LaCinta did not read HRO because it did not help LaCinta find new music.

LaCinta’s REAL personal brand is connected intimately to the indie/electro music of the Twenty Double Os decade – not to the fashions + arts + trying 2 be an authentic alternative being.

LaCinta finds HRO entertaining, and thinks crls is probably intelligent enough to take a job for NIKE + REEBOK and convince me to wear cross trainers while dog sledding… but the direction of HRO does not reflect the direction of LaCinta.

LaCinta is a non-MNSTRM non-CITY non-fashion based blog that exists in a small rural area in either

a) SpanishLand

b) The North Pole

c) Canada

d) Choose Your Own un-Alt-location

LaCinta lives a life surrounded by snowboarders/surfers and represents a small local niche in “alternative” music culture.

LaCinta started a DJ group called NITELITE to spread indie/electro awareness in its home region, but nobody danced because indie/electro does not equal HOUSE +DANCEHALL and nobody gets it/gets me here.


LaCinta just wants to exist in the blogosphere in order to

a) connect with other like minded indie/electro music nerds

b) meet hipster girls from NYC and add them to my Twitter (because girls where LaCinta lives dress like hippies with furry tails and don’t shave)

c) so that I feel I belong in my own Songbird 1.0 Music Library

d) because I’m a Journalism school dropout and want to show all those MNSTRM JRNLSTS that I can express my ALT JRNLST ideas in the blogosphere because nobody pays me to do it so I don’t have to make sure to use the word “terrorist” in place of  “person from Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakistan/Palestine”

e) because all my real life friends h8 indie + electro, call my pants ghey, & so I need to use the internet digitals to a) connect with other like minded indie/electro music nerds

f)Choose Your Own Answer

Is LaCinta in ALTrouble 4 blogging about the Electroma + Vice + Pitchfork recently !!???

LaCinta hopes that no one truly feels he wants to be HRO.  LaCinta rarely reads HRO because

a) his meme is his meme is his meme

b) I cannot truly relate to the search 4 authenticity

c) I think it should be called the search 4 ALThenticity instead (CRLS missed the mark on that meme name)

d) If I were to enlist in the electro-wars I would fight on Pitchfork’s side against the electrobloggers

e) Choose Your Own Answer

Do yall h8 me 4 taking Pitchfork’s side on the Steve Gheyoki issue!!!???

These are questions I have 4 yall:

a) Does CRLS own the rights 2 the werd “yall” !?

b) does CRLS own the rights 2 the werd “meme” !?

c) does CRLS have exclusive blog privileges over the topics of the Daft Punks, the Justeeeces, Uffie, Steve Gheyoki, the teenagers, heartrevolutions + C.Y.O.A., the crystal castles, and M.I.Ghey !?

d) will yall comment more if I actually copy HRO’s meme !?

e) are LaCinta’s readers actually MNSTRM music listeners lost in the blogosphere !?  Why do yall read the posts on the Oasis’s and the white stripes more then any other posts !?

f) do yall just want LaCinta 2 leak more music you haven’t heard yet + get in trouble from the Web Sheriff more !?

g) should LaCinta quit blogging because all the topics i will blog about are already exclusively CRLS !?

h) if i spell “yall” like “y’all” instead of “yall” do y’all think I should be allowed to use it !?

i) does wearing skinny jeans + scarfs from a cause you probably don’t understand make HRO your ❤ blog and LaCinta your h8 blog !?

j) should LaCinta change its blogentity and start wearing baggy blue jeans + post more rap MP3’s !?

k) should LaCinta become an XTREME ACTION SPORTS BLOG !!!??? LaCinta secretely does some work in these sports… does that make LaCinta an unalthentic ALT music blog !?

l) if a blog posts a question to the readers is it merely stealing a meme from Hipster Runoff !?

LaCinta really does think this HRO post was really really funny.

m) if all of LaCinta’s friends wear baggy jeans but LaCinta wears tight jeans what does this mean 2 me !?

n) does CRLS own the right to the werd “peen” !?

o) does CRLS own the rights to EVERY SINGLE PAIR OF ALT BRSTS !?

p) is there only room 4 one non-MP3 ALT music blog in this one ALT music blog blogosphere !?

q) should LaCinta follow its blogcultural heritage and blog more about Mexi-Alts even though HRO may/may not have created this meme !?

r) would y’all keep reading if I followed my hearts true desire and became a science-fiction blog!?

s) do y’all want me to blog more about the manga I read !?

t) do y’all want me to start a Hippie Tits gimmick !?


u) should doing letter based lists using the whole alphabet become a new LaCinta gimmick !?

v) Choose Your Own Answer/Question

What does it mean that LaCinta watched/enjoyed Wes Anderson b4 HRO blogged about it!!!???


healthIs Hipster Runoff really an authentic blog when it hasn’t even blogged about the electro Pictureplanes b4 !? Or are the Pictureplanes just on Pitchfork’s side?

Will CRLS @ HIPSTER RUNOFF one day discover that people think LaCinta copies HRO!?

Should I hire a lawyer to fight against CRLS’s lawyers!?

Will y’all donate 2 LaCinta 2 help combat the costs of international blog-meme infringement !?

LaCinta will end off by stating that

LaCinta believes that its blog-voice would be very much the exact same without the existence and/or knowledge of CRLS’s HRO’s.

LaCinta has been known to use the word “yall” in real life because he lives in a rural area where rednecks/hippies run rampant.

In 2k9 LaCinta is going to write more about things from his non-blog life like HIPPIES and XTREME SPORTS and less about ALT CELEBS (even if I really truly do listen to/DJ their music).

LaCinta may follow more in the footsteps of the Pitchforkers and compose “Album Reviews” with ratings.  LaCinta thinks this is fair because LaCinta listens to albums mostly/not songs.  If you look at LaCinta’s “Listening to Nows” at the bottom of most posts you will realize that this is so.

LaCinta is not a true MP3 blog because we are scared of the Web Sheriff and there are better/easier ways 2 get music and we are scared of the ZShares & hype disease caused by Hype Machines.

LaCinta wants more commentary from it’s readers or else it’s going to make like HRO and start posting Ginger Peens.

LaCinta hopes you trust that discussing issues in the world + relating indie/electro music to them is probably destined to be comparable to Hipster Runoff from time to time, but that it is original in it’s intent.  Also, LaCinta (as explained above) doesn’t read HRO much and will continue not to – not because HRO is not entertaining but because of the reasons above + doing anything in the world influences how you yourself do things; therefor, in order to be original I must avoid EVERYTHING so as to avoid being influenced by ANYTHING.  LaCinta is taking one 4 the team and consuming nothing from now on.

See you in the year of 2009 but also sooner ’cause I have year end album lists (not song lists) and EP lists to post, plus some original Podcasts from an ALT DJ on the rise. Thank you for being part of LaCinta.  Happy Mexican Jumping Blogs to All Of Y’all!


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