The Tough Alliance Are Fakers, Again!


Well if it isn’t enough that they their live performances last 20 minutes, and consist of them playing their songs on a stereo, dancing around yelling, swinging baseball bats, and taking their shoes off and clapping them together…

NOW, they’ve really gone and done it.

The Tough Alliance – who are in LaCinta’s Top 30 friends on MySpace – apparently have nothing to do with their MySpace page!


And to think I sent them all those personal messages… that’s like having cyber sex with Kate Perry… and then discovering that it was actually your roommate!


On a Tough Alliance MySpace bulletin this morning it was written that:

To you, my friend,

I have been contacted indirectly from the Tough Alliance themselves.
It’s true, I am not the Tough Alliance, I am merely a fan who is attempting to share their music with the vastly growing Myspace community.
They’ve told me that I can keep the site up, but all I need to do is clarify that I am not the “real” Tough Alliance.
I don’t see this as a problem, but rather as a great honor!
The only reason I had hid the fact that I was a fan and not the Tough Alliance themselves is that I feared Tom would delete my profile!
I hope you all understand why I’ve lied to you.
And I hope we can all keep on enjoying the beautiful beats and melodies these two men have created for us all! 😀

Thank you,
-Jesse Garcia

I feel so violated.  This is not the Tough Alliance

Actually, who the fuck cares.  All that matters is that Tough Alliance makes rad music.

But I am wondering, what kind of person pretends to be a band online???

And LaCinta thought it’s mid-bloglife identity crisis was rough…

MP3: Take By Trees – Too Young (Tough Alliance Remix)

MP3:The Tough Alliance – Neo Violence (Shazam remix)



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2 responses to “The Tough Alliance Are Fakers, Again!

  1. Michael

    What a lousy, sensationalist, blog post. TTA do not “fake” anything. It was a fan, faking to be them. And when TTA performs, they do not attempt to cover up the fact they aren’t singing… it’s painfully obvious that they are lip syncing, they don’t try to hide that. If you really like TTA then don’t post crap like this.

  2. lacinta

    Sarcasm bro, and “Actually, who the fuck cares. All that matters is that Tough Alliance makes rad music.” Just making fun of hardcore band-fans (see IRONY, ’cause I write about music for fun, get it?).

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