What If Uffie Replaced Alice Glass !?


Alice is a bit of a loose canon. Her Wiki is brief, but reveals a little of her history.

As “not cool” as it may be to ponder about an artist’s future demise – whether it be their musical and/or actual demise – it’s hard to think about Alice Glass without wondering if she’s the “live hard, die young” type.

So I’m just wondering what would happen to the Crystal Castles if Alice was taken out of the equation?

It’s clear that Ethan’s choice of front woman was nothing short of brilliant.  But could the Castles go on with a different lead lady?

Here’s what I’m thinking.  If Alice has to be replaced, I nominate Uffie.

Uffie has been an alternative celebrity for a few years now, has a cute voice, loves to party, and even though she has the potential to make good music (see “Tthhee Ppaarrttyy“) she still hasn’t released any good solo material on Ed Banger.

What do you think, could Uffie lead the Castles?

And would Ethan’s music actually make Uffie worthwhile.. musically that is?

The keen electro-nerds probably remember this Uffie sample/remix/song by the Castles:

MP3: Crystal Castles “Make It Hot” (ft. Uffie)



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9 responses to “What If Uffie Replaced Alice Glass !?

  1. anonymous

    to be perfectly honest i dnt think anyone could replace alice i mean her voice is excellent and her history makes her even cooler

  2. ashelei..holland

    I think Ethan can make anyone sound great! I listened to Ttthhee Ppaarrttyy and it’s ok but the Crysatl Castles version of Make it hot is amazing. Ethan can turn ordinary into extraordinary! I’m sure it does not matter who Ethan works with, it will still sound good, but Alice is O.G Crystal Castles and I think everyone likes it that way.

  3. LaMescla

    I would say that he picked Alice the way he did so he can go get another when she crashes. There is no shortage of young women on the streets and sadly I’ve made the mistake of paying to see one live. I love your edge Alice, but you are a performer, that is how you pay for whatever is is that makes you want to go to sleep in the middle of your shows. I think Ethan needs something new, perhaps mexican.

  4. Jeesus

    Official video of pop the glock:


  5. Adam

    you gotta be out of your mind, this girl couldn’t replace alice glass. Shes in a league of her own, mentally and musically. Check yourself

  6. Daniel

    I agree with the “out of your mind” comment. You just have a crush on this Uffie person. Alice is the band. The music is fairly generic, indistinguishable from a number of other bands. It’s Alice’s youth, bizarre personality, sketchy and mysterious background, and her ability to channel Ian Curtis and other dead musicians that is the entire draw for CC. I like some of the songs, and don’t want to bash either one for lack of talent or any uptight shit like that. But if she overdosed there would be no more band. It’s completely an atmospheric/clique/culture thing. They’re making something cool that you want to be a part of, they’re people you want to impress and hang out with. But the scene changes, because the venue gets sold to a real estate developer or the beats get old or the biggest promoter leaves town. The guy uses sample CDs, there’s nothing special behind the music, nothing to continue if she died.

  7. jazzyJizz

    I could not agree more with the two above me^^ Alice and Ethan are the two pieces to CC..if one of them was to be cut from CC..there would just simply be no more. Who cares if her wiki doesn’t have her whole life story, it just adds to her mysterious tantalizing personality. Uffie on the other hand… no where close to comparing to Alice. She’s like one of the Millionaires chicks on a solo project. If Uffie were to ever replace Alice… I would no longer be able to enjoy CC’s music.

  8. kidrot

    I think Uffie could replace Ethan lol. He could still dish out the jams, but on stage, they could just let these two chicks whip out their switchblades and have at it – musically speaking of course.

  9. artuhu


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