Did iTunes Ditch DRM !? Does Anyone Buy iTunes Tracks and Can Tell LaCinta !?

I’ve heard rumors on the Interweb this week that iTunes is finally bailing on DRM… but I cannot seem to verify.

If the answer is yes, hurray.

Perhaps it’s because iTunes is about to get ass kicked by Songbird 1.0.

Also, even Wal-Mart and Amazon ditched DRM.  And isn’t Wal-Mart supposed to be more evil !?

Apple, you are supposed to be all cool, and hip.  Stop ripping off your naive customers.

Oh, and also. Please start selling the music with a higher bitrate.

And please back off with the iPod firmware upgrades that make it more difficult to sync iPods with non-iTunes software.

And please make iPods .FLAC compatable.

And also, please start making iPods with larger capacities rather then smaller.  Like plus 250 GB at the least.  Thnx : )

Everyone else, find a better place to buy music : (

Wow, LaCinta just became a stereotypical tech-blogger.

Listening to Now: Max Tundra Mastered by Guy at the Exchange (2002).  Listening to it on Songbird 1.0 !


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