LaCinta to Take More “Powder Days” – Be Back With Regular Posts Monday

Had to take a breather ’cause bloglife kinda made me freak out like this MSNBC producer:

That, and the blog engine at WordPress just changed, and LaCinta deals with change like an aging classic rocker deals with pop-divas…

But honestly, I heard it started snowing in Canada, so I packed up my Gor-Tex ponchos, saddled up my snow-donkey, and ventured up into the heart of winter for a few days of monoboarding with old amigos.

¡Dios mios! Monoboarding es muy dificil.

Listening to Now: Weird Tapes.  A whole bunch of songs that have been blogged this year… when put together they start to form an awfully excellent sounding album…  I’m trying to post MP3s right now and it’s not working… maybe there’s still bugs in this new WordPress engine… … … … … … … … … … … … … man I just want to give you folks music right now GOSH!  Back with music on Monday, hopefully.


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