¡LaCinta No Tengo Tiempo Ahora! Working On A “Side Project” – Also Worried about Fan Deaths and Bad Ass M0f0S

It’s just a Digg find – but LaCinta enjoys bad ass m0f0s.

LaCinta’s been Mexican tap dancing to Fan Death’s “Veronica’s Veil”.

Do you know what a fan death is???

I’m going to tell you, but I sure hope no wannabe bloggers have already informed you.

A fan death is a much believed myth in South Korea that leaving a fan on in a closed room will eventually kill you.  Either by suffocation, poisoning or hypothermia.  Fans in South Korea come with a timer based kill switch – just to counteract the whole possible death by fan thing.

Gosh I really hope Wikipedia wasn’t lying to me or else I’m going to sound totally silly.  But if anyone wants to test this death by fan myth fax me the results.… although I think my fan has been running for about 2 months straight.


Fan Death is on fire!  Could people die from fan caused fire!?

You can dance/be on fire too!

MP3: Fan Death – Veronica’s Veil (Original Mix)

Disco disco disco dance!

Listening to Now: Fan Death Veronica’s Veil (2008).  Can’t wait for MORE.


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