OMG. The Internet + Twitter + Questionable Content = Killing LaCinta’s Mind!


I do not know if any of you wankers read Questionable Content or utilize Twitter.

On their own, each is a questionably worthwhile time waster.

But together – well what the hell would they do together?

The writer of this comic – Jeph Jacques – loves to Tweet his Twitter and share his deepest emoticons with all.  This makes me uncomfortable, and is about the extent of what I thought Twitter + Questionable Content could equal.

FYI: LaCinta uses Twitter to share invigorating updates with MC Hammer, like: “New VLog Post + OMG I Still ❤ COLLECTIVE groups of ANIMALS.”  (You should join and keep me up-to-date on your current mood!)

But now, my mind has been blown and I’m trying to decide whether to cut my internet cable, or to marry my iMac.

It appears that animated human comic book characters have merged with online social networking software to create some sort of animated online social networking comic book characters.

What does this mean?

The characters from Questionable Content have their own Twitter accounts!!!



What does this REALLY mean???

Are the QC characters:

a) becoming real people like robots want to/one day probably will?

b) being Tweeted by a dillusional/industrious Jeph Jacques?

c) being Tweeted by crazed fans who ACTUALLY love the characters/use their images as fantasy foder for when they make like the Count, and F#@K themselves while they are alone?

I find all the above questions/answers to be particularly disturbing.

Listening to Now: TV on the Radio Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes (2004).  Wow! It is hard to believe I actually purchased this Comact Diskette when it was first released.  It is not hard to believe that I had to digitize the album after it succomb to a CDeath.  Oh how I wish I had had the foresight to purchase my LPs on vinyl.


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One response to “OMG. The Internet + Twitter + Questionable Content = Killing LaCinta’s Mind!

  1. Technology is simply letting people express themselves in ways they are already doing it. The only difference is now you know about it…

    Just because its out there doesn’t mean its being read… people have to hunt this stuff down, and if they do? Well it’s to their own undoing!

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