New Marketing Innovation: VLog Sundays with “Mass Appeal”


Sometimes furries with home recorded Sesame Street VHS Tapes put their perversions to excellent use.

Would you date a furry scientologist?

All this talk of scientology all the time still has me wondering why science hasn’t kicked scientology’s ass for stealing its name.


Gosh they have such a bad ass symbol though…

But science is still the coolest thing ever.  How exciting would it be to have this levitating water on a dance floor?

Moreover, have you seen the new Star Trek Trailer yet??? Cause I watch it every morning and regardless of its amazing Trekkie + Mainstream appeal, I am still raw about the exclusion of William Shatner. Like WTF Paramount! We miss you JTK!

Ummmm… could this be Gunther’s bastard child? I want them to do a duet + video with multi-demographic euro-sex appeal.

VLog Sundays may just be a one time marketing innovation specifically designed to bring readers back every following Sunday in hopes of discovering a VLog Sundays post…

I wanted to listen to/blog about a new Dead Kids song called “Into the Fire” that was “reviewed” on… but I can’t seem to find the song anywhere.  Damn NME trying to be all indie all the time, I’m pretty sure laughing at NME is one of my preferred pastimes – and NME guess what?  You missed reporting on Noel Gallagher’s bowel movement this morning ya wankers!

Listening to Now: Ricardo Villalobos Fabric 36 (2007). Do people dance to minimal techno?  Would Ricardo play this set for a dance floor at Fabric?  I’m really curious about this.  If you know let me know.



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3 responses to “New Marketing Innovation: VLog Sundays with “Mass Appeal”

  1. The Church of Scientology has infiltrated FOX NEWS, MCDONALDS RESTAURANTS, the IRS, and possibly PETA as well. I urge all readers to BOYCOTT these entities, as well as TV programs like LOST, TELETUBBIES and MY NAME IS EARL, which blatantly promote Scientology in a thinly disguised manner.

  2. Yah, um thanks for the shout out on the trailer, which i passed along to you, turd. And if you had been following the making of the film you would know that shatner was offered a cameo in the movie and he turned it down because he wanted a bigger part, which is clearly impossible as it is a prequel. jeez…

  3. lacinta

    Charly-cinta. I come from a long line of Trekkies AND they also informed me on same said day. However, LaCinta readers track every word of every comment, so all the legit readers would already know to credit you.

    And as per Shatner, he is such an incredibly talented actor that he could have played the role of himself at any age; thus, making him the perfect candidate for the prequel. In fact, he could have played every other role as well.

    Imagine that, a Star Trek film where Shatner plays every character….


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