Darn You Alice Glass and Your Little Electro Castles!


I know it’s been like at least a year since the Castles weren’t the hottest electro act since Justice, but in the last couple weeks I have:

a) Seen Alice Glass win NME.com’s Coolest Person of the Year

When interviewed by NME about her big ‘ol win Miss Little Elitist Glass says:

“I’m flattered, thank you, but back in school the people who held themselves in the same regard were also the biggest waste of skin I’ve ever met,” she explained. “Why did I get so many votes? My pact with Satan hasn’t expired yet.”

The singer revealed she had no definition of cool herself, suggesting we “ask the mummified jazz musicians from the 1930s who started using it” instead, before adding “we need new idioms, we need to stop talking like beatniks.”

I don’t know whether to be more baffled by her wit, or by the fact that she beat Noel Gallagher for the 2008 Cool List.

b) Heard a Crystal Castles song playing in a Toshiba advertisement.

I actually just stumbled across it (it popped up in my face) and I was quite disappointed (but not so surprised))… but I guess it’s a cool advertisement… I really need to start an advertisement agency and focus on the Mexican/American alternative youth demographic.

I would so get Obama to wear a poncho at a Chikita Violenta concert and use his Blackberry to send a Tweet to all his Twitter followers.

c) Remembered that I am still pissed that the Castles canceled the concert I had tickets too

and d) Discovered my alarm clock is broken – so now I don’t wake up to “Courtship Dating” playing on repeat anymore… and it is surprisingly liberating.

Listening to Now: Belong Colorless Record (2008).  This is one of those “playing it in the background before I fall asleep” kind of albums.


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  1. i thot my sexy andrew vanwyngarden won coolest, then, julian casablancas and my other sexy karen o??

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