Original Post Idea: Architecture in Helsinki “That Beep” – Stream Original/Download Remix


OK how’s this for an original branding initiative: I’m going to blog about new indie-dance tracks!

I’m not sure if this has spread rampant across the blogosphere yet, but Architecture in Helsinki’s new single “That Beep” is totally awesome, and it even has its own website.

I’ve seen the Radioclit Remix surface, but I prefer the original.

Architecture in Helsinki “That Beep”

MP3: Architecture in Helsinki “That Beep” (Radioclit Remix feat. Marina)

And a sneak peak at the That Beep Video:

Architecture in Helsinki seem to be continuously growing towards something greater, something bigger, something dancier.  I was first introduced to them way back in 2004, and while I was listening to the album Fingers Crossed I really don’t think I would have predicted the band going from there to That Beep.

Listening to Now: Architecture in Helsink “That Beep” Buy it later this month if you have access to iTunes Australia Store, I guess…


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