America Still = America


The year of 2008 is historic for America.

In addition to Barack Obama and the subprime mortgage crisis/economic crisis/credit crunch is this little bit of information:

Sales at McDonald’s are up whilst sales at Starbucks are down.

During this consumerism driven economic disaster, Americans would rather stock up on low quality hamburgers without ethics than decent quality coffee with slightly better ethics.

So what’s going on here??? Are Americans eating at home/other restaurants less, but drinking coffee at home/McDonald’s more???

McDonald’s calls itself “recession-resistant”

This speaks on a couple levels… and I’m not convinced that America/the world is ready for real change.

Apparently McDonald’s new marketing plan focuses more on coffee in order to steal market share from Starbucks.

Let’s buy our coffee at McDonalds instead of Starbucks!!! That’s the answer to our problems.

Hopefully someone is buying coffee at locally owned coffee shops.

At least the music world is still embracing this whole “indie” thing.

Listening to Now: Ellen Allien & Apparat Orchestra of Bubbles (2006).  Is this minimal or dubstep??? One of my favorite minimal and/or dubstep albums.

Ellen Allien & Apparat “Way Out”


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