WTF!? ¡ Read Me !


Alice Shannon is from Alaska – anyone else think that she should be Sarah Palin’s running mate for the  P A L I N  2 0 1 2  Campaign ? ? ?

Please feel free to send me equally hilarious letters: lacinta at live dot com


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One response to “WTF!? ¡ Read Me !

  1. LaMescla

    Freedom of religion … believe in god any way you want, (Baptist, Catholic, Methodist … ) HEHEHEHE

    I think you should be able to believe in any god you want – Buddha, LaMescla, Jose Cuervo, spank rock, Mojammaj, GSP, Dracula, Arnold from: total recall, true lies, Kindergarten cop, terminator 1,2 and 3 etc, and Oprah … Wait obviously joking .. she’s a woman.

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