LaCinta Branding Initiatives

LaCinta is in the market for some new branding initiatives.

We want something that is equally, or more cool than this homemade bicycle/sleeping thing:

[click to enlarge]

And it’s got to catch people’s attention, but not in a creepy “Click on this Digital Skank Bannder Ad” kind of way.

That kind of marketing can be reserved for MySpace.

I was thinking about writing “music reviews,” but apparently that’s not entirely original (and I’m not sure people actually read them).

Maybe “movie reviews” would be more original…

Or how about “tech reviews”…???  Apple is about to release those revamped MacBooks/MacBook Pros.  I could discuss their ergonomics/CPUs.

I have a few other ideas though, they’re targeted at the “this is highly entertaining, and teaches me something, but I don’t have to strain my mind/eyes too much to reap the benefits” demographic. I could incorporate audio and/or visual stimulation.

An example of such a branding initiative is the Vice DOs/DONTs.  But that’s like so ten years ago.

What if we took the seat off of LaCinta’s metaphorical bicycle/sleeping thing???  Got a little dangerous, kept you on your toes…

Or is that too provocative???

Real branding innitiatives coming soon.

Listening to Now: Grampall Jookabox Ropechain (2008).  Still on first listen but so far this is kind of cool – except for the band’s name.  Maybe I’ll further blog about it if it is worth listening to…

Also, I think maybe it’s time I broaden my musical horizons… should I start listening to world music???  Every time an amigo returns from his/her travels he/she always brags to me about their world music knowledge.


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