R . I . P : Santogold//Vampire Weeked//Lykki Li//MGMT//Tokyo Police Club//Chromeo//Simian Mobile Disco//No Age//Yelle//The Cool Kids//She and Him

The nominees for this years MTV Woodie Awards are surprisingly/not surprisingly “indie.”

The nominees are a surprise to me regardless because:

a) I don’t watch MTV

b) if I did watch MTV all I’d see is:

1) some douche bag VJs discussing The Hills

2) TJ Lavin wearing Monster shirts on The Island

3) pathetic teen/twenty-somethings trying to become Paris Hilton’s new BFF

I wouldn’t have been able to guess who’d be nominated (accept maybe Kanye and Lil Wayne) because MTV doesn’t exactly play/discuss music a whole lot anymore… do they???

But alas, after stumbling across this years nominees it seems as though I may need to destroy a few more albums in my collection.

I really don’t get how MTV goes about deciding which bands will be nominated.  Seems to me that some of these bands didn’t exactly release new albums this year.

Maybe it’s just that Josh Schwartz bastard from The OC, Gossip Girl, and the forthcoming Rockville, CA picking the nominees.

Should we h8/<3 him for making “indie” more mainstream ????

How many of you started listening to Death Cab because of Seth Cowan???

Oh well, it’s not like anyone is going to take the “Woodies” seriously now… is it???

Does anyone else endlessly question your personal intentions/value of cool/need to be an early innovator whilst listening to music???

Listening to Now: High Places 03_07 – 09_07 (2007).  Excellent “compilation” release.


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