Halloween Identity Crisis!

OK.  So I was planning on being Gunther for Halloween, but I’ve mentioned it to a few people and they don’t get it – like they don’t know who Gunther is.

Even though he’s a platinum selling ex-Swedish male model turned techno-pop star sex icon, apparently he’s not at the forefront of everyone’s knowledge.

So what are my best alternatives???

Should I go as an American Apparel undie advertisement???

Or should I go as a member from the mysterious Mexi-Alt DJ Group Chiclet.

I can only animate what Chiclet looks like because

1) no one has ever seen them

2) legend has it that they are like vampires, and don’t show up in party pics

Or should I cross dress and go as an indie/alt female celebrity???

I could be Alice Glass

or Ethan, and find a girl to be my Alice Glass.  Or I could be an animated Alice Glass

or M.I.A

or hop on the preggers trend and be M.I.A. pregnant

or Uffie eating a cookie

or Uffie in a bathtub

or femme fatal Ida No of Glass Candy

or my favorite singer/songwriter indie-pop-alt-country-recording-artist Haley Bonar.

or I could be the bastard child of Haley Bonar and Conor Oberst.

They do seem to share a passion for ugly wallpaper backdrops and singer/songwriter indie-alt-country music.

or maybe I could go mainstream celeb, like Chrissy Boner from Dude, Where’s My Car?

Or I could just be Ashton Kutcher… I have a friend who looks like Demi Moore. We could be cougar and prey!

Or I’ll just go as a dead rockstar again cause that gives me the excuse to act like a total fucking asshole all night.

Listening to Now: Glass Candy Deep Gems (2008). This is awesome for a B-Sides.  Have you heard that instrumental Glass Candy track that was posted on Missing Toof a week or two ago?

Here’s a stream for a track off Deep Gems

Glass Candy “Feeling Without Touching”


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  1. Chad Krueger, for serious, youll blind side them all!

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