MUSCLES update II: MySpace Page “Not Dead (Yet)”

In an emotionally draining last few days MUSCLES has posed moral questions to himself about the music industry, and MySpace inparticular.

On his MUSCLES blog he wrote “Here’s the link to my myspace blog for those interested in the on-going-saga (that is pretty stupid and i’m over it already).”

He’s going to delete his MySpace, he’s not going to delete his MySpace, he needs to know more first, he’s just plain old sick of these politics.

Apparently his threats and anti-MySpace proganda got some attention though.  Seems the MySpace Australia Marketing Manager called MUSCLES to discuss his issues in regards to the new MySpace Music.

MUSCLES was told that MySpace Music is intended to be “MORE FAIR to the artists than buying music from Apple’s iTunes Music Store.”

So what… is that implying that iTunes’ 99.9% profit margin is unfair to the artists???

Also turns out that MUSCLES already knew the MySpace marketing manager via a MySpace Secret Show in Australia last year, where MUSCLES played “Ice Cream” while driving an ice cream truck… awesome.  Although this video doesn’t exactly do it justice…

While MUSCLES still isn’t sold on the new direction MySpace will be taking, it seems he’s willing to hang in there a little while longer until he gets all the facts.

But regardless, he’s pretty keen that you spend time on his other sites instead of MySpace.

MUSCLES concludes this blog post by saying that “i’m putting my myspace on standby until i know all the facts, until it launches in australia for real.  i would be a hypocrite and ignorant otherwise.  in the meantime i will be updating my new blog every day or two (that is automatically cooler than myspace anyway because there are NO ADS)”

Visit MUSCLES “NOT DEAD (YET)” MySpace page to read through his recent blog posts, and for link to MUSCLES other sites.

I wonder what MySpace Music is/will be like???… seeing as it’s only available thus far in the United States… meaning that blogs like LaCinta who live in Mexico, Canada, Europe, Australia, and the rest of the blogosphere can’t really formally check it out… not without a hassle anyways.

Listening to Now: Grails Doomdayer’s Holiday (2008).  Again this is a first listen, sounds not bad so far… not sure if it’s something I’ll get into though.  It’s sort of mellow but intense guitar driven psychadelic stuff… don’t think I’m going to finish listening.

Also just checked out MC Hammer’s new single.  Before you couldn’t touch him, now he just “Can’t Stand It.”


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