After like 30 blog years of looking for my animal spirit in the desert, I was overcome by a strange feeling about MUSCLES.

Got worried about MUSCLES and ran back home ASAP.

Today, MUSCLES announced on his MySpace blog that he is deleting his MySpace Profile.

MUSCLES has been one of LaCinta’s best friends on MySpace for dozens of blog years (like multiple human weeks), and now, what, it’s just over, just like that!?

Where’s the explanation?

Are you mad at me for not having you in the Top Left Corner of LaCinta’s Friend Space (Top 40)!?

WTF MUSCLES I thought we had something special!

I even told you time and time again that “MUSCLES I love you, I want to have your babies!”

And what did you do!? Have you ever said you want to have LaCinta’s babies!? Have you!?

Or do you think I’m just a plagiarist for stealing lyrics from your totally awesome silly “electro” music!?

MUSCLES it is over. OVER!

I’m sorry MUSCLES I still ❤ you!

I’m sure the real problem is that MySpace excluded the sale of your music from the new MySpace Music! And eliminated your ability to offer the free download of MP3s from your profile.

Or are you a traitor switching to Facebook!? I guess not, you did list your new whereabouts on the blog post.

Well MUSCLES, we’ll be waiting eagerly to spread the BREAKING NEWS when you post your “Why I’m quitting MySpace” blog post.

Until then, “Hey MUSCLES, I still love you. I still want to have your babies!”

Listening to Now: MUSCLES MySpace tunes while they still last.

PS: MUSCLES Guns Babes Lemonade was to be one of my favorite albums of 2008, and then I remembered that I have no concept of time and that I’d been listening to (and still enjoying) MUSCLES since 2007. Wow! Now that is staying power!!!

Have you all ever listened to a band for a year or more???

Is that like liking stale cracker???


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