MIA + Preggers + Proud + Tights = Trouble for Boys who like Girls who like MIA

After an unprecedented leap into the fashion world this morning, LaCinta has decided to tackle an incredible fashion/lifestyle trend that is developing right before our computer screens.

MIA is preggers. What does this mean to us???

[Photo Courtesy of Kyle Dean Reinford via HRO]

First: Fashion blogs have begun to forecast the coming in of tights for preggers.  Now, not only will tights be fashionable for American Apparel-eque alt aesthetics, but also for preggers.

Does this mean tights will cease to be “in” for non-preggers???

And what about tights for obese people???

Are they still popular but not recommended???

Second: Since MIA has been preggers I have noticed other preggers on the Internet.

Is MIA’s preggers contagious???


Were these other preggers already preggers but now they’re getting more attention online for being preggers because MIA is preggers???


Is MIA innovating a hip new body image trend: being preggers???

Third: If being preggers is a hip new body image trend who will be the early adopters???  Will it be your GF!?

Should we all worry about GFs trying to get preggers on purpose???

Will the hippest girls jump on the trend first???

If my GF still wears bootcut jeans will she be in the Late Majority of fashion adopters, thus allowing me time to render her/myself sterile in the meanwhile???

Will this trend make it to the GAPstream like skinny jeans have (can you get those in the GAP?) or was/is this already a trend in the GAPstream that MIA is borrowing, pulling tights over, and calling alternative???

MIA did put “Paperplanes” in Pinapple Express… was/is she actually a GAP KID???

Fourth: Will (as one may anticipate) the preggers look be strictly for girls, or will it be unisexual like skinny jeans???

I know all of you all are asking yourselves “can boys really be preggers too???”

No, boys cannot be preggers too (not without experimental doctors); however, if this fashion trend evolves into a sexless, or unisexual trend, then perhaps the appearance of a preggers belly, and not just the authentic preggers belly will be considered fashionable.

I mean sure, an authentically preggers belly is going to be, well, more authentic, but you remember how Urban Outfitters started selling Tees even though American Apparel already sold Tees???  Well it’s kind of like that. Everyone knows that American Apparel’s Tees are the ALTthentic Tees, but the Urban Outfitters Tees are still fashionable, just less ALTthentic.

So will boys stuff their Tees with something that looks preggers (like GAPgirlz stuff their Tees with something that looks breast-like)???


Will boys wear The Beerbelly Deluxe Kit under their Tees, and also be able to drink Pilsner/Blue Ribbon while appearing to be preggers???


Will it only be trendy for boys to have preggers looking bellies if they have ALTthentic Pilsner/Blue Ribbon beer bellies???


If the somewhat preggers appearing boy bellies become ALTthentic, will tights become fashionable for boys too???


Will this current/new pant trend suffice for the boy version of preggers pants???

[Photo Courtesy of The Arab Parrot via HRO]

Fashion is complicated.

I think I’m going to write about music tomorrow.

See MIA preggers in a two part interview at Pitchfork.tv

Listening to Now: Animal Collective Feels (2005). After a few long years this album has become a modern independent classic for me.

Animal Collective “The Purple Bottle”


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One response to “MIA + Preggers + Proud + Tights = Trouble for Boys who like Girls who like MIA

  1. Zahra

    This is a wicked post. MIA has influence in all areas of life.

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