Libel Insurance 4 Bloggers! MidWesterners? What Is Happening To The Blogosphere!?

Apparently this whole “I sue you/you sue me” legal system is trying to interfere with bloggers’ rights.

Sounds like insurance companies are pushing to sell Blogging Insurance.

Well that’s it.  I’m officially kicking off the Bloggers and VLoggers Rights Movement.

acronym: B.V.R.M. (any better suggestion for the name of our new movement???)

This means war!  And how do we wage this war!?  With something original:

Saturate the Internet with blogs that contain potentially libelous comments!

Or maybe if I just blog about poor people they won’t be able to afford litigation!?

Let us kick off this movement by looking at a couple Mid-Westerners:

There’s an abundance of hippie/fairy/singer/songwriters in the Canadian Kootenays. Go next door to the American Kootenays, and you find yourself a KKK settlement. Delightful contrast.

I knew there was something fishy about this guy but I couldn’t put my finger on it… until he turned around and I discovered that he supports the consumption of cats!

Is this a couple, or a mother/son combo, or a mother/son couple!? I guess it’s frightening regardless.

Have you heard of any bands recently that are supposed to “save punk”!?  I think any band to have that weight put on their shoulders is totally fucked.

Have you ever wanted to kick a manipulative dirtbag in the shin for beating you to a helpless/cute young girl?

If Vampire Weekend wants to be considered Afro-Pop I think they should ditch the whole sweater-vest/cardigan/polo look in exchange for animal suites like this.

[Photos via The Mid WasteLand]

Listening to Now: John Adams A Flowering Tree (2008). Ummm… probably don’t listen to this, I didn’t realize it was a soundtrack to a musical.


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