Eminem is Back… Every Music Fan Who Doesn’t Read LaCinta to Be Hella Excited. Will The Teenagers, or Steve Aoki, or Justice, or some ALTKID with GarageBand remix this track and make it an instant BlogHouse classic!?

Now I wonder, Eminem uses the word “Pitchfork” in this song – does that mean he’s shadily looking for a Best New Music!? Is Eminem aiming for the indie crowd?

HAHAHA no.  It’s the same old slim shady that my ex-employer made me listen to over and over and over again.  That was way back before blogging became a viable alternative to taco flipping.  I think every indie-kid’s first job should involve overexposure to Eminem… it’d be a good motivator for them to take on massive student debt instead.

Do y’all remember when Eminem wore glasses? He looked like a stereotypical fan of himself.

But anyhow, here’s the new track from the officially un-retired Eminem:

Eminem “I’m Having a Relapse” – from the forthcoming Relapse album.

UPDATE: Link was cut… sorry folks. I got a little hate mail from Eminem fans about this post too!

MP3-Right Click to Download

UPDATE II: Re-posted, as a stream only.

I feel totally bad ass posting an unreleased Eminem track.

The hookless 2 minutes are surprisingly painless – for one listen.  Stick it on repeat and you’ll develope a bad pill habit too.

Listening to Now: Pictureplane Turquoise Trail (2008).  Pictureplane and LaCinta became MySpace friends today!



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5 responses to “Eminem is Back… Every Music Fan Who Doesn’t Read LaCinta to Be Hella Excited. Will The Teenagers, or Steve Aoki, or Justice, or some ALTKID with GarageBand remix this track and make it an instant BlogHouse classic!?

  1. eminem4life

    this “blog” is so totally stupid. Everyone knows eminem doesn’t wear glasses! furthermore, what the hell is a lacinta? sounds like something my girlfriend caught on a spring break trip to mexico.

  2. Muchácho Guápo

    I guess this is one of those music fans who doesn’t read La Cinta :/

    Sure looks like Slim’s wearing glasses to me… hey MMforlife maybe you should invest in some glasses.

  3. Blog_you

    Hey! I have an idea. You know what would be a good subject for a blog? How blogging is just a colossal waste of time that could otherwise be used to do something creative/constructive. but a blog about Indy Music? We all know that Indy music is all crap anyway. I mean isnt that the definition of indy music? Worshipping indy music is like putting your money on Neanderthals back in the Caveman days. We all knew they were doomed to failure, wandering around, unable to make fire, clueless about bows and arrows, or even the humble atl atl, cramped by their own ineptitude at creating something positive. Thats what I see, when I watch Indy music fans walk by In their bloodflow choking, hideously colored, acidwashed jeans and other hip gear, rendered hip only by the fact that everyone recognizes just how stupid it is and they wear it anyway. I see a bunch of neanderthals walking around saying fuck you to the world by wearing gay headbands and strangling their own feet. Not that they need them, being completely useless as human beings anyway. So even blogging about nothing would be better than wasting time with indy garbage. Ugh…The thought….I just blogged in my mouth. Oh, and Lacinta sounds a little too much like some overlooked part of a woman’s anatomy excreted with the afterbirth. Thanks,

  4. lacinta

    See! This is the kind of passion we’re looking for in our readers. Perhaps I should just stick to blogging about artists I don’t like, and then read all the hilarious comments from angry fans.

    PS: Wearing baggy jeans is so bad for the environment. Think of all that extra material you are wasting.

  5. Spilled milk

    Baggy jeans? Is a pair of pants that fits loosly enough to allow the circulation of bodily fluids considered baggy? OK, granted, if you are a candy-raver wearing two giant billowing skirts as pants you are both an absolute ass and chronically obsolete, and therefore have no part in this conversation either. You are the morons who took baggy so far that you gave it a bad name, much like Nazi’s, warping the peaceful swastika to meet their own twisted needs.
    Can’t we just settle on something in between? The advantages of airspace under our garments in our temperate climate are numerous. Looser clothing is proven to be more effective in allowing air to circulate and cool us when we sweat. It also allows layering of warmer tighter layers underneath to provide a thicker insulative barrier to our seemingly arctic chill. Loose pants can even provide a slight dispersion of force and concealment when kicked/punched in the junk by angry women (happens to the best of us sooner or later). That messy three-bulge you assholes sport, mashed up in your crotch like a bag of sausages, makes a perfect unprotected target for immediate incapacitaion. I think it would be wise for our governments to intstitute legislation to necessitate a certain amount of loosness in our garments. This would reduce the numbers of indie punks hospitalized with incurable foot-rot. This epidemic robs our society of funding that could otherwise be spent on environmental or social issues, money that could even be spent on educating errant indie kids on what constitutes REAL music/fashion. Can’t we just leave tight clothes in the distant past where they belong….we’ve come so far…lets not commit the atrocity of reliving our mistakes. Oh, and you ravers out there are probably too permanently fucked up from all the E and K and other crap that youve done that you probably cannot process this information that I’m about to give you anyway, but here it is: You’re complete wastes of flesh and air, not to mention the social services that you consume. Fuck off assholes.

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