N I G H T M A R E – The fictional Vice Blogz Mag H8s La ¡Cinta! – feelings are hurt.

So I had this nightmare last night that Vice Magazine had an affiliate-magazine called Vice Blogz that reviewed blogs every month.

Well I was surprised to discover that early into bloghood LaCinta had been reviewed by Vice Blogz.  The review mentioned a couple positive things (like that we weren’t banned from the Internet yet), but mostly just said that LaCinta sucks, and called us The Fugitives of blogs.

These are The Fugitives:

That hurt, I don’t know if you remember, but one of the first ever blog posts by LaCinta was about us accidentally attending a live show by The Fugitives, and then making fun of them.

What do all of y’all think about this!?

Was Vice Blogz right!?

Are we really The Fugitives of blogs!?

Should I retire LaCinta whilst it is still a young feller!?

Is there a place in the marketplace for a publication like Vice Blogz!?

Should I start a magazine that reviews blogs!?

Should I start a blog that reviews blogs!?

Should the LaCinta blog start reviewing blogs!?

Should I put an asterik* next to comments where I’m subtly mocking other blogs!?

Should I just blog about things that keep me completely safe from becoming the end of a joke!?

Like “cute cats” – and just post pictures of cute cats!?

Did this dream mean something!?

Should I write down my dreams!?

Should I get a dream catcher!?

Do I need therapy now!?

Should Vice be LaCinta’s arch-nemesis!?

HELP HELP HELP I am so lost and so confused right now!!!

Listening to Now: The Cure Pornography (1982).  I’m pretty sure this album is the soundtrack to my nightmares.


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One response to “N I G H T M A R E – The fictional Vice Blogz Mag H8s La ¡Cinta! – feelings are hurt.

  1. vice blogz

    The only thing worse than LaCinta is catching a bad case of Zoster on an old couch that you passed out on because you didn’t want your mom to catch you up all night high on pcp.

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