Esau Mwamwaya + Radioclit = The Very Best – Covers Vampire Weekend and remix MIA – Pitchfork puts On Repeat, LaCinta Repeats On Repeat and Adds Some Important Words + Other Music

There’s something delightful and refreshing about hearing Vampire Weekend’s afro-inspired pop beats covered by slightly less Ivy League musicians – especially in light of the American Elite fucking up the global economy.

I embraced the joyous pop of Vampire Weekend last fall, and then tore my hair out in frustration last winter as the world overly embraced the band; and now, thanks to this cover, I’ve been able to listen to a Vampire Weekend song without being overcome by the urge to strangle drunken college kids.

Vampire Weekend covered in an ivy colored mist, get it?

Yes, Vampire Weekend sounded nice and all, but WTF! world, they certainly weren’t the only great thing to come out of the last 12 months of indie-music.  Please everyone, everything in moderation.

If y’all decide to listen to High Places 24/7 I’m going to change La ¡Cinta!’s catch phrase to “How To Kill The Late Majority.”

Now what do you all think, is it unnecessarily pretentious to stop listening to a band you enjoyed because they became way overplayed!?  Should I be locked away in indie-snob prison!?  Should we be concerned about Vampire Weekend’s investment portfolio!?  Should I be blogging more about the new AC/DC album!?

Esau Mwamwaya + Radioclit = The Very Best

The Very Best “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” (Vampire Weekend Cover)

MP3 (You gotta right click me and Save As)

And the original, Vampire Weekend “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa”

The Very Best “Boyz” (MIA remix)


And the original, MIA “Boyz”

You can download The Very Best Mixtape from here for free, like the artist is just giving it away on purpose for free, wow! Is that a new marketing strategy!?  Has it been BIG 4 approved!? The VERY BEST also have a MySpace page for the free mixtape, with streams.

OK NM. The download limit for The Very Best Mixtape has been reached. Does anyone remember when You Send It used to be an awesome way to exchange files!?

UPDATE: Gorilla vs Bear saves the day. Check out their blog and follow the links to download The Very Best Mixtape.

Maybe check back to the MySpace page over the coming days to see if the download has been re-posted, which I presume it will be.

Also, it sounds like Vampire Weekend, Ruby Suns, MIA, and Santogold will all be making appearances on the forthcoming LP from The Very Best… we’ll let you know.

Listening to Now: The music on THE VERY BEST’s MySpace page.


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