“40 naked ladies– wearing masks ostensibly made of fake lamb’s wool,” says Pfork, but we can’t find footage so instead we’re VLogging Kanye on Jimmy Kimmel earlier that same night. LaCinta’s Kanye “blogging but not liking” trend to end NOW – unless we discover footage of those 80 nipples.

UPDATE: This was on Kanye’s blog… I presume it was from this listening party – see I told you, nipples.

And so was this new track, “Heartless,” – apparently this version is unmastered, and yah, auto-tuned.


I’m thinking this song has some killer mainstream appeal…

Kanye performs “Love Lockdown” live on Jimmy Kimmel.

Also, a live fan video from the same performance.

Kanye also premiered 808s and Heartbreak at some weird listening party that took place after the Jimmy Kimmel performance.

Apparently the whole thing really is auto-tuned.  Does anyone else want to listen to the album minus the auto-tune!?  I bet Kanye’s production-free singing voice sounds like angels, with strep throat.

808s and Heartbreak shall be released November 25th, and apparently Kanye will release another LP next summer; possibly to mask the pain induced by 808s and Heartbreak!?

Now I want to see some YouTube videos from this listening party last night, bring on the 80 nipples!!!

Listening to Now: Jens Lekman Oh You’re So Silent Jens (2005).  I still prefer 2007s Night Falls Over Kortedala.


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