Join La ¡Cinta! in the Post-BlogHouse Blogolution!!! + Vlogging about Beck.

LaCinta has been taking a dive into the pool of social networking communities on the Interwebs.

Follow the links on the sidebar to follow us.

Our profiles are still rather young, but we shall mature with time, and we need a lot of good friends to help us get there!!!

So MySpace Me…

…Twitter Me…

…Digg Me…

…Email Me…

…YouTube Me…

…and Imeem Me.

More to come… maybe, and Tumblr.

Anything else you folks interested in??? Does LaCinta need MSN or AIM or ICQ??? Do we really need Facebook??? How does the MP3 BlogHouseVille of HypeMachine work???

LaCinta needs help electronically socializing… HELP US!

In other news, Beck played “Gamma Ray” on Letterman on Thursday night:

And here’s the Official Video for “Gamma Ray”:

We’re looking forward to the “Gamma Ray” cover by Jay Reatard…coming soon.

Listening to Now: Dutchess And The Duke She’s The Dutchess, He’s The Duke (2008). Excellent.


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