LaCinta addresses the FAN VIDEO issue.

So LaCinta has expressed its distaste for fan videos in past.

I believe the only exception comes when:

1. you film at a live show and get either GOOD footage, or footage of Noel Gallagher getting his ass kicked off stage (in which case it should say LIVE FAN VID on the title somewhere)

2. if you make a gem that could be a real music video

3. or if you make such a fool of yourself that we can just laugh at your expense.

And all videos should be well labeled, so that LaCinta doesn’t have to search through piles of crap to find what we’re looking for.

Below, we include the latter two options (as we’ve previously shown Noel getting ass kicked)

First off, an unofficial video for Chromatics “Hands in the Dark” directed by Sebastien Rippon.  It’s well shot (possibly HD with a 35mm lens adapter?) and the Chromatics have approved/endorsed its use.

[via Guerillavsbear]

And a totally pathetic “choreography” or MIAs “Paperplanes.”

[via HRO]

And this next one isn’t a fan vid, but it’s been dubbed online as “The Excorsist for a Dayglo Generation.”  Nite Jewel’s “Artificial Intelligence”

Oh, and as a brief follow up to yesterdays AA alt kewl 4eva!? post, these two 12 year-olds take American Apparel by storm.

hmmm… YouTube, AA, teenagers, cameras, yikes.

Listening to Now: The sound of music videos stopping and starting, while I shake my head in disgust at my currently questionable Internet connection.


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