American Apparel Alt Kewl 4evas!? Issue #1

Now one of friends believes that there is nothing gayer than wearing American Apparel.  He still fits into this alt/indie aesthetic, but just hates AA.  And my question is, is AA actually cool?  During my first AA purchases I didn’t even realize that it was hip and trendy, I was just looking for logo-less clothing… and then I realized AA represented this crazy alt trendy unisex world where fashion that never really made it can have a second chance.

So I went to AA Online this morning to order some new AA panties… urrr, ahhh, briefs, and I’m greeted with this unbelievable announcement from the AA marketing gurus: Ameri Appy’s Hallows Eve suggestions. Dubbed as D.I.Y Halloween.  I mean I know this whole DIY indie/electro/bloghouse thing is really cool right now and all, but I mean come on, hasn’t Halloween always been DIY!?

And here’s their costume ideas.  Now correct me if I’m wrong, but would using one of these costume ideas not give you negative alt-points?  Those bastards stole all the costume ideas in the world.  Now I’m going to have to go as a Crystal Castle or some Hearts [having a] Revolution.

Really though, I know AA is mainstream alt, or entry-level, or something, but will it ever become just plain mainstream?  I heard someone call it “The New Gap” the other day… what do all of you all think about that?  Maybe we should check with self appointed critic of all things alt, MR. HRO.

At first I thought his blog was totally “ghey” as he would spell it (and I knew, and still know that at least half his readers are totally ghey) but then I realized that beneath that ludicrous spelling and self analytical bullshit, was some really insightful social commentary.  I can’t say I can stomach reading this blog everyday, but he’s certainly got his niche market figured out.

Is being painstakingly fashionable ALTthentic?  Or is it more ALTthentic to just be alt and not try?

I know you readers are really really bad at answering my questions.  Like you almost never comment.  But comments would be nice.  Any recommendations on how to make my blog more alluring to comment on?

OK, so finally, here’s an AA breakthrough fashion idea that LaCinta’s team brainstormed last night.  Combine the material from the Thermochrmatic Tee with the AA undies and voila!  Heat sensitive color changing underwear!!!

Also, my amigo is trying to get dates on Plenty of Fish, and he wasn’t getting a lot of hits (he was too shy to actually post his picture to his profile) so he decided to take a picture of an American Apparel model and use that as his profile pic.

So if you’re supposed to go on a date with this man, don’t.

Listening to Now: Antony & The Johnsons Another World EP (2008). I haven’t given it much of a chance yet, but so far this sounds like static + the odd piano note + a sad man singing.  I guess it’s pleasant though…

Antony & The Johnsons “Another World”



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5 responses to “American Apparel Alt Kewl 4evas!? Issue #1

  1. Guapo Muchacho

    Wait a minute… AA have the technology to make a color changing heat sensitive fabric and they wasted it on a shirt!¿

  2. Mallory J

    Perhaps this “new” colour-changing material concept is just one more example of AA being the antithesis of ALT: man, I had a shirt sometime in the early 90’s that changed colours!! It was lime green and became a desirable shade of hot pink (thank you, early 90’s neon phase). It said HYPERCOLOR on the front (check wikipedia for more info – it’s there).
    Anyways, AA is either the opposite of ALT for regurgitating a phase in clothing that didn’t last very long, or they should be recognized and patted on the back for bringing back a cool that has been long forgotten. And if you patted them on the back while they were wearing a colour-changing shirt, rest assured that your hand print would appear.

    I think it’s pretty damn cool.

  3. lacinta

    AA seems to pride itself on bringing back (even if just for a moment) styles from the past that never really made it. Had you kept your thermo and hypercolor threads you could be authentic retro alt for the next few months. Is to be progressive ALT to know your fashion trend history so well that you beat AA to the punch???

  4. Hi,this is really a beautiful shirt,I like the nice style and the tones.bill

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