WTF!!! After his posse beat up Bloc Party and some other mediocre indie-ish rockers earlier this year, La ¡Cinta! laughed at Johny Rotten for being such a douche; now we really laugh at Johny Rotten for selling Country Life Butter! What a wanker.

The Sex Pistols are still SOOOOOOO relevant to modern music… they’re like totally the most important punk band of all time… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Johny, please grab your entourage and go back to wherever it is that ex-mainstream-punks go when no one gives a fuck anymore.

Listening to Now: Belle & Sebastian The Life Pursuit (2006). Holy hell 2006!?  And here I thought I was experiencing a nostalgic music moment! I guess it’s just a happy-go-lucky indie-pop moment.


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