La ¡Cinta! buys concert tickets and plane tickets to go see Crystal Castles perform in Vancouver on October 27th; receives call this morning from TicketMaster robot; Crystal Castles canceled, refunds will be offered. La ¡Cinta! wants not refund, La ¡Cinta! wants to see Alice Glass go nuts!

Maybe this has something to do with the Crystal Castles recently escaping the police in a get-away-car.  If Alice is in jail for crazy on-stage antics, well she probably had it coming.  But regardless, La ¡Cinta! wants to see it first hand!!!  The infectious electro and infamous reputation is calling us.

Hopefully the cancellation isn’t due to a mishap related to the Castles’ quick rise to Electro-Stardum.  If it is, damn you hipsters for blogging about them so much! Fame kills crazy/good musicians!  And Alice is the crazy and attractive lead girl in an electro group that every music nerd dreams of taking to the hospital.

But probably most likely, Madonna had the Castles’ assassinated for beating up that picture of her.

Crystal Castles live at Glasgow.  Check out how worried the security is as Alice crosses the gap to the audience; “you can let go, I’m fine. I’m fucking safe… I want to come and be with you guys.”

La ¡Cinta!’s alarm clock is Courtship Dating:

La ¡Cinta!’s favorite Health Disco remix is Crimewave:

And Crimewave before Ethan and Alice had their way with it:

And a conservative “live” for TV spot, somewhere in EuroLand:

And that zombie flick where Alice faux-hangs herself with white fishnets (I can’t embed videos; damn you WordPress!)

La ¡Cinta! wants not to fly to Vancouver without the promise of Crystal Castles.  What am I going to do now?  Hang out at Stanley Park and go to Science World??? (Well I guess Science World is pretty neat…)

Listening to Now: YouTube Videos of Crystal Castles. WTf is fan video!? I hate having to sort through this shit. And I was listening to Saint Etienne Too Young To Die – The Single 1990-1995 (1995).


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