Kanye’s reality/comedy TV show shelved by HBO for being too “hardcore.” In other news, Kate Moss slowly turning into the gold statue of herself in a gold vein effort to preserve her looks; puns used to be the highest form of humor… or so I’m told.

Kanye called the “black Larry David.”

Yes, Kanye is a little neurotic I suppose – always worrying about what others think, and re-recording his music because of it.  I guess Kanye’s show would have been called “The Black Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Read like 10 words more about this at NME.

As far as we know though, Kanye’s puppet show Crocodile Socks… I mean Alligator Boots, is still in production.

Now there’s a “trophy girl” – pun intended!

Listening to Now: Passion Pit Chunk of Change EP (2008).

Passion Pit Smile Upon Me:

I wonder if they’re Ben Gibbard fans?  Also, is it still hip to post this song now that Pitchfork has put it On Repeat?  If not, is it true that music is uncool the second anyone hears it?  Is this like the tree that falls in the forest and no one hears it riddle?  Man, listening to music is hard work.


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