La ¡Cinta! next levels Google; outdoes “Project 10 to the 100th” with “Project Listen To Icy Demons Until Their Brisk Rock Beats Reverse Global Warming and Saves the Sunburned Monkeys in Japan.” (Also, snow bunnies thrive in Icy new climate – indie rock boys to have more cold hearted girls to steal their souls; but on the plus side, summer not too hot for skinny jeans.)

Haha!  And Google thinks they’ve got something with “Project 10 to the 100th.” This little video here is Google’s humatarian campaign:

Amateurs! Animation does not = feeling guilty until taking action;  but cute little sunburned monkeys begging for your help does!

Icy Demon’s MySpace

(stream on the new MySpace music player – which appears to have enhanced “standalone” technology)

Listening to Now: Icy Demons Miami Ice (2007/2008).


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