La ¡Cinta! discover technology upgrade fantastic! Listen to the music we talk about while reading about the music we talk about! Still too scared of the RIAA to give you the MP3s for free (unless we have permission, barf) and remember kids, supporting musicians, labels, and publicists by buying their music makes Johny a good boy (unless you’re buying from Wal-Mart & The Big Four, in which case it makes Johny stress about his new found inner moral debate).

But paying hard earned $$$ to see live music is so much more rewarding.

Drum roll please! La ¡Cinta! can now stream music!!! (Oh me! Oh my!)

And, in celebration of our new found technology, listen to one of our favorite split 7″s this year:

The 4th 7″ in Jay Reatard’s Single Series for Matador Records:

Jay Reatard Fluorescent Grey | Oh, It’s Such A Shame (2008):

A1 Jay Reatard “Flourescent Grey” (Deerhunter Cover)

B1: Deerhunter “Oh, it’s Such a Shame” (Jay Reatard Cover)

Jay & Brad cover eachother’s songs, how cute : )

Buy the record here from Matador Records. Vinyl is sold out, but the MP3 & FLAC downloads are available for a very affordable price (not being sarcastic).

Listening to Now: Jay Reatard Fluorescent Grey | Oh, It’s Such A Shame (2008).


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