Depression Management: by LaMescla

So today LaMescla was driven by boredom and bad lighting to go all the way to Sun Peaks Canada to try and get some nature shots.  Unfortunately all of the porcupines, cougars, and grizzly bears were out of season and I was forced to take the Crimson Wave (LaMescla’s utilifighter jeep) adventuring.

First I let the wave ebb and flow its way up over and around obstacles like a Humvee on estrogen, then I decided it was time to get to business.  Following a faint quad-like trail through a sub alpine meadow, LaMescla had his sights on the horizon.

What wonder lies less than 50 yards away over that last knoll on the meadow?  Mind was rushing! Thoughts of never before seen lands – where grizzly bears and ogopogos share fish and where giant cedars meet the ocean – caressed the feathers on the wings of the creative phoenix that burns away at my core.  I was ready to make art history.

But suddenly an odd sense, something is wrong.  A back eddy?  A whirlpool?  It certainly isn’t the quicksand that filled LaMesclas sandals during a childhood boar hunt.  What is this?   MUD!  I’m fucked. [Apparently he had to hike for hours to escape, leaving the Crimson Wave behind–Ed.]

And I forgot my fucking wallet in it too.  How sad does that make me? … Fucking sad, so I got my cousin to send me some ripoff antidepressants from Tijuana called Ciraplex, I fucking hope they work…

However, in the case that antidepressants, marijuana and compulsive masturbation can’t make me feel better, I will just listen to Panda Bear.  Why?  Because if life throws you a chemical imbalance, just make music with real life sounds, and inexplicably catchy nothing.

LaMescla was a big fan of this New York producers effort in 2008, [The fantastic album Person Pitch–Ed.] and is eagerly awaiting another dose of “Pandazabearm.”  For now I dedicate this video to everyone who needs to be okay being completely fucking nuts.  And Gato lovers like LaCinta.  Let the confusion soothe you:

[LaMescla was supposed to go to Sun Peaks today to cover a We Are Wolves concert, hopefully he still makes it (otherwise he might find himself unemployed!)–Ed.]


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