OMG MIA officially un-retired; launching comeback soon; La ¡Cinta! smashes pinatas at MIA BRB fiesta; MIA dance beats fly through the air; totally thought she was for seriously retiring.

Hurray!  Last time we tried to see an MIA show she was not allowed into the country and the show was canceled (I’m sure there’s a news article about this somewhere but I’m too lazy to hunt it down); but it’s OK MIA everyone messes up on their paperwork. We won’t blame you for making us cross the US border and drive into the middle of the mid-west (that place is terrifying) because now we get to see you at your big comeback! It’s a good thing we have tickets to her comeback show at the Deisel xXx in NYC (if anyone has tickets and wants to pay for us to fly to New York please leave a comment with your name and number).

There’s more than one of these shows, and some other fantastic artists are playing this little Deisel Party Tour!  Like Uffie (isn’t she like 12!? how does she get into venues?) Patrick Wolf (I saw him strip at a concert once), The Teenagers (Homecoming reminds me of this one girl…) , The Cool Kids (they were cool back before they had an album), Lindstrom (Best New Music; I wonder, if La ¡Cinta started a Best New Music could we “fork” music torrents like Pitchfork? I would want it to be called “tacoed”), and Kleerup (this guy looks greasy, but he pops the good pop).

Alright, here’s some old news: MIA has sparked controversy in the past.  If you hadn’t seen it already here’s DeLon’s MIA dis-song/video, it’s kind of graphic, and it’s basically a lot of finger pointing by DeLon to help hype DeLon.  He’s a lame MC, but if you’re at all interested in the politics surrounding MIA you can always dig into the Interweb for plenty of fish… ur, uh, stories about it. I suggest starting at an MIA article on Pitchfork (anyone will probably do) and branch out from there.

Hmmm… Eeek.

This is the proper MIA Paper Planes video.  Remember? – she makes you want to dance!  (You and those other 16+ million people who have watched this YouTube vid – you are so not hip you sheep!.)

OMG OMG MIA is back!

Listening to Now: Kleerup Kleerup (2008).


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