WTF is a Gunther!? And why have we not blogged about him? Oh right, maybe because we’re so damn hip that the hottest new music sensation can slip by our radar completely undetected.

Gunther is the bastard child of a 3way between Aqua, Darude, and Joe Dirt.

OK. So I’m clearly a little out of touch with the real world.  I visit the same ten websites everyday, only hang out with kids who use shoe lace belts, and do all my shopping at 3 stores (who I am kidding, no one actually shops at the Sally Anne).  So my connection with the “real” 20 and under youth market just informed me today that Gunther is like the hottest dude ever.  “Who the hell is Gunther?” I ask.

The only Gunther I know of is Dr. Gunther von Hagen – that black fedora wearing mad scientist who is responsible for all those grotesque displays of plastinated body parts.  He even wore that damned hat during public dissections of human bodies… PUBLIC DISSECTIONS OF HUMAN BODIES.  He’s like the Indiana Jones of preserving dead bodies for artistic purposes.

This kid explains his obsession with Dr. Gunther von Hagens.

Anyhow, while this new Gunther has nothing on Dr. Gunther, he’s got something: $$$.

So I go to check out this Gunther character and immediately I think it’s a joke, and start imagining David Spade inventing this Gunther.  Upon more research I find out he’s Swedish, which means this is and isn’t a joke simultaneously.

But honestly, Mats Soderlund (Gunther) is a marketing genius.  With his connections in the Euro club and male modeling world he has managed to turn total crap into a hit album Pleasureman, released in 2004.  2004! Holy ass hands I’m behind the times.  I think that’s like first season of The OC historic.  Damn rural teenagers are like 4 years behind the trend schedule.  That means that Pogs, no Yo-Yo’s, or is is Oral Sex? Anyways some old trend is on the way in for my rural teenage demographic.

Alright, I’m going to stop there.  Blogs are supposed to be up to the day.

¡Lo ciento! (I’m sorry!)

I’ll leave you with this series of audio/visual Swede-trash – in no particular order:

I’d make fun of these videos, but I didn’t watch them.  If you actually watched them you’re a pervert, and you just got so HAD by pop-culture.  Stop reading La ¡Cinta! – we don’t want you.

Why again do teenage girls like this?  Is it because they were always told not to get in the van with the creepy Euro trash dude with a mustache and mullet?  I get it, rebellion!  Girls want to piss off their parents with Gunther.  Good thing there’s no laws against that kind of thing in Sweden, Gunther must be having a hell of a time.

Check out his website, and remember, Gunther has a new album on the way called Dirty Man Swedish Sex Beast, and he’s doing a duet with Rihanna.

On a side note: if all it takes is a bad mustache, a curled upper lip, a mullet, Euro-trailer-trash sex appeal, and a techno-pop song that a deaf chihuahua could make on Fruity Loops, then EVERYONE at La ¡Cinta! should/will soon be rich and famous.

FYI: Gunther touring North America this fall!!! La ¡Cinta! booking trip to Sweden for the duration of Gunther’s North American tour.



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5 responses to “WTF is a Gunther!? And why have we not blogged about him? Oh right, maybe because we’re so damn hip that the hottest new music sensation can slip by our radar completely undetected.

  1. Luke

    gunther is awesome. period. and stop talking shit about my country. it is far sexier than america!

  2. lacinta

    ❤ Sweden

    LaCinta = Not American

    ❤ Igloos where we live.

  3. Boggs

    Gunther can wrap his laughing gear around my meat and two veg any day.

  4. Ohhhhhhh my god no one on earth is as hot as this guy!!!! Something about him you want to push him down and do it with him any where!!! I don’t let anyone touch me, I can’t stand most men but Gunther has everything women want and then some. If you had what he had, you would never be able to do anything other than try to find your way from out between womens legs every day and that is the truth. I would want him if he was homeless and I had to wash & clean him before having my way with him. God if only I could have 30 mins alone with this guy I could die happy! I would say to god after that: “god take me now because I might not get to do it ever again with him!” So that is what is “Gunther” and why us women love the hot hot hot sexy guy! We all want him to be our naughty boy!

  5. Carey

    Touch me anyday! Rape your music on replay anyday! Too friggin awesome!!!

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