Noel Gallagher finds new interests after near death experience in Toronto? And wants to write Sitcoms now? Why do we still care about Oasis again?

In yet another riveting story from NME it has been revealed that Noel is aiming for a post-Oasis mid-life-crisis in comedy screen writing for television…. yawnnnn….ZZZZZ…zzzzzz……

OK, so I thought I could just regurgitate this NME story, rub some sarcasm and grit all over it, and it would end up more riveting than the original announcement, but holy shit balls, when Noel is doing anything but getting his ass kicked off stage I’m just not really interested.  I mean sure, maybe Noel will make a great comedy writer – spending 10 minutes a week putting words to paper (which is at least double the time Oasis has spent trying to write good music in the last decade) – and write the next Little Britain (f#ck that show is painful; have you ever tried to watch it? Don’t).

Check out Noel’s mug shot though, I totally think he should become a model.  Don’t you think he’d look fantastic with a little make-up, wearing a lumber jack shirt and regular fit Levis, in the men’s section of the Sears Christmas Catalog?!

What a hunk.

OK no more reference to Oasis for at least a week – I swear!


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