Ooops! Went for cerveza and accidentally saw a live show!

The Fugitives [who were somehow the first hit on a Google search for “fugitive”] played at a little dive tonight. La ¡Cinta! really didn’t intend to attend their show – nachos and cerveza were the true allure – but we were happy to see a band take the stage.

Initially La ¡Cinta! was impressed by the novelty of their first few tracks, but we later realized that the band just caught us off guard between bites of refried beans and dips of tortilla chips in salsa. Also, the girl in the band took to the stage with this amazing plastic instrument that looked like a cross between a recorder and a kazoo – it was fantastical.

The show rapidly digressed into a blur of spoken word and a cappella. Don’t get me wrong, you have to be able to speak [and fact find on Wikipedia] in order to write/perform spoken word of this nature, but this was like listening to your ADHD friend try to rap a page out of the Stats Canada.

Apparently them Canadians disagree though – word has it that The Fugitives are nominated for a CFMA! [Canadian Folk Music Award] in the “Pushing the Boundaries” category. The CFMA’s are the Canadian equivalent to a Grammy multiplied by 9 and divided by a Juno [check out this year’s nominees].

But hey!, The Fugitives had some energy. And… they have a terrible music video. The best part of the video is that “quotes” from The Fugitives live/album reviews flash across the screen.

At the end of the band’s first set our cooking compadre finished nacho flipping for the night and we hightailed it out of there. But we thought about staying, oh yes we thought about it… but popular vote was cast in favor of a game of Catan.


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