New Pitchfork Banner Add!!!

So my computer is sitting on the coffee table in multiple pieces right now. Apparently my fan decided to pack it in right during the middle of a reformat – lovely. Fortunately, I found an empty cream cheese container to keep all the loose little screws safe.

My dismantled-operating-system-less computer started causing me some stress, so in order to relax I drove to the nearest vending machine to purchase myself an ice-cold-cola-pop. After having something like 40,000 pesos [roughly $3.oo] swallowed by 3 separate vending machines I finally emerged victorious with a nice red can of GO2Cola. Consuming the beverage left me feeling motion sick, speaking of which

And right now? Well now I’m on my roommate’s Dell laptop. It’s held together with dry walls screws and permanently stuck in the “open” position. Since my roommate lives on the couch, the Dell doubles as a nightlight – which “is a small light source, usually electrical nowadays, placed for comfort or convenience in indoor dark areas or areas that become dark at certain times,” explains Wikipedia].

In better news, Pitchfork Media gained some much needed promotion today by advertising Pitchfork on a banner add on……………………… 3 times!!!




Way to go guys! Brilliant PR!

Gosh I can’t wait to plug my little white iPod earbuds into my TurboGrafx-16… I mean XBOX 360 [man Raiden was an awesome game!] and listen to Pitchfork’s Picks while playing MLB 2K8.

Alright I’m done… I’m going to start working on a banner add for La ¡Cinta! that fits right above the La ¡Cinta! homepage title.


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